After a long hiatus, a way long hiatus I hope to be back to updating this website a little more frequently.

A lot has changed over the last few years.  More and more members have gotten rid of their PT and are heading in new directions with other cars.  That doesn't change the fact that many of us have become friends.  The PT brought us together but we can keep it together.  Many of the other PT clubs are allowing other types of cars to join in.  But I think that for right now the "Carolina PT Cruisers" will remain PT Cruisers.

Facebook seems to be the preferred method for many to stay in touch and we do have a Facebook page for those that are avid users of that website.  I have joined several groups to keep up with some of the news.

Return to the Beach is still our premier show.  Still the worlds longest running PT show.  Number 17 will be coming up this year with some changes.  We peaked in 2005 with 300 PT Cruisers in Myrtle Beach.  A decline in attendance has affected much of what and how we do things now.  As many of you know, the fixed costs we have are the same, 30 cars or 300 cars.  Naturally with fewer cars, the less money we have to cover those fixed costs.  The city and the mall charge a flat fee and is non-negotiable.  Keep an eye on the RTTB website for updates as they happen.

The CPTC message board is hosted by another company.  I've heard from a few of you that you've not been able to sign on.  They have had some changes and quite honestly I don't know what's up with them.  I can't sign on either.

 Let's schedule a meet or get together.  Even hotter weather is headed our way.  Suggestions anyone?


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APRIL 2015








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